Okay, so if this is the first time you’ve heard of this you probably think I am going nuts right? It seems like naturalistas can use anything and everything in an attempt to get longer hair? Well trust me this crazy hair growth miracle apparently works quite well. Guava leaves water has been trending on the natural hair groups I am in on Facebook. It’s being talked about a lot and people are coming back with amazing feedback. No I am not crazy. I looked up several articles on guava leaves and I am even more convinced.

Guava leaves are rich in vitamin B which is good for your scalp and your hair. Vitamin B strengthens your roots and hair follicles thus giving you stronger, fuller hair. They also contain vitamin C which boosts collagen activity resulting in your hair growing out much healthier and faster.
Lycopene in the guava leaves provides protection from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. The guava leaves’ antioxidant properties help fight free radicals to prevent damage.
The guava leaves rinse helps remove build up on the scalp, unclogging hair follicles. It helps prevent dandruff and oiliness. The removal of dirt smooths down your hair shafts making them soft and shiny.
Massaging the rinse into your scalp improves blood pressure enabling the follicles to get more nutrients. This stimulates healthy hair growth!!!!! Some people prefer doing the rinse prior to their wash day, they leave it in over night and wash it out the next day whilst some use it as a rinse before conditioning their hair. Me being me however, I prefer using it as a daily spritz. I want to make sure I get the full benefits😂😂😂😂You have to keep the water in the refrigerator though because it has a short shelf life and if kept at room temperature for a while it ferments and develops a really strong smell.
So now you’re wondering how to make the guava leaves water right?  You take a handful of leaves, wash them and boil them in 400ml water for 20minutes. After that you set them aside to cool and strain the water into a spray bottle.  I don’t always follow instructions lol. I add way more than a handful because I like the water to be really concentrated as much as possible. I want results😂😂😂😂😂Please come back with feedback when you do try it. If you have used it before don’t be shy to share your experience in the comments!!!!!!


The correlation between social media activity and an increase in crime and road accidents 

I was chatting to my mom and a question popped up in my head. What is going on in Zimbabwe and South Africa? There has been a tremendous increase in violent crime as well as deaths due to road accidents.
This year alone we’ve heard reports of spousal murder, girls being abducted and the most painful case for me was of the 22year old female who got gang raped in Johannesburg, South Africa in May. It’s one tragic story after another. In Zimbabwe recently we’ve had multiple road accidents. Four bus accidents that claimed lives in June alone. Two of the buses were SA bound and one was Zambia bound. There was also one involving a sprinter commuting locally between Harare and Bulawayo. The most recent of the accidents occurred today along the Harare-Mutare road and is said to have claimed nine lives.
I caught wind of all these cases via social media platforms, Facebook and WhatsApp. The murder of Karabo Mokoena (a young lady murdered by her boyfriend) was trending on Facebook, everyone was talking about it. Gruesome pictures of the car accidents were flooding my WhatsApp. We had all the details way before they were published in the newspapers. Nowadays I don’t even bother to buy one because I get whatever news on WhatsApp or Facebook as soon as it happens.
The effectiveness of social media as a tool to keep people informed has led me to this question. Are violent crimes and road accidents truly increasing at an exponential rate or are we just becoming more aware of what’s going on? It’s truly mind boggling. Has the crime and road accident rate always been high, just unreported? I don’t know, but it’s something worth thinking about and looking into. If we are just becoming more aware of the occurrences in our society due to the increase in our online presence then we have come a long way in terms of development. However, if crime and road accidents are truly increasing then our sense of security is truly in danger as we can not live in fear and we can not keep losing so many lives. Our governments and law enforcement sectors need to intervene so as to curb these problems. We also have to be cautious citizens ensuring our vehicles are road worthy and that we exercise extreme caution on the road especially when we have passengers’ lives in our hands.
I will continue to look deeper into this. If you have your own theories regarding this matter please feel free to share with me or add anything that may lead us to a sound conclusion.


Two methods that stimulate hair growth!

I am an experimentalist. I am constantly researching and looking up new things to try out, no matter how unusual my new discoveries can be. I know the basic stuff about hair growth now. Moisturizing, protective styling, low manipulation, making use of essential oils etc. I know that there is a lot more for me to learn so I am constantly indulging myself in various journeys of discovery, hair related or not.

Last week I discovered two methods that apparently promote hair growth. Scalp massages and the inversion method. The science behind this is that the methods increase blood flow to your scalp and hair follicles thus speeding up the hair growth process.

1. Scalp massage

You apply your favorite oils to your scalp. I use my Caivil Fusion Oil because it has all the oils that stimulate hair growth. You can use castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil etc or you can switch it up a bit and add a few drops of peppermint oil or rosemary oil. After applying the oil you massage your scalp for about 5minutes and rinse out the oils or simply keep them in till your next wash day like what I did. I feel we can get the full benefits that way. You can use the tips of your fingers to give yourself an amazing massage or you can use a scalp massage brush. I don’t have a scalp massage brush so I improvised and used my mom’s old body massage brush😂. The massage felt so good so I guess it’s working well. Finger tips are just as good so you can just take that simple route.
2. The inversion method

After applying your oils you can massage your scalp whilst tipping your head upside down (inversion method) for 4-5minutes. You can tip your head over in the sink, tub or going topsy turvy on the couch like I do ( oh how fun it is watching tv upside down😂). You do this daily for 1 week then repeat after 3-4weeks. You have to space the method so that your scalp and follicles don’t get accustomed to it otherwise it will become ineffective.
I did the inversion method for the first time today and I’ll continue for the next 6 days then take a break. Hopefully I will see its effects in the long run. I have read a lot of testimonials so I guess it’s worth the try.
Have you tried these methods before and what were the results? What are your favorite oils to use and what do you recommend. I am more than happy to learn any extra tricks from others. If you haven’t tried it yet and do try please come back with feedback💜



    Lately I have been posting a lot about hair. Sorry about that! It’s just that it’s been a new and wonderful journey so I tend to get a bit overexcited. It’s 12:08 am here in Zimbabwe and I can’t sleep so I decided to share my words of wisdom. Writing is better than counting sheep till I sleep😂.  I love my skin! I have to keep it fabulous because it represents me. I am not the type of girl that freaks at the sight of a pimple but I do worry and weep in silence. My mom always tells me that I’m too self conscious but really there is nothing wrong with that. I think it’s good to be particular and to always want to look just right. I am young I should care about my looks to be normal lol. So here are a few of my beauty tricks and tips. First of all skin is different!!!!! Know that and let it sink in. Just because it solved Jeani’s acne problem, doesn’t mean it will automatically do the same for you. Beauty products are not a one-size-fits-all. If they tell you that, they will be selling you non-existing dreams,okay. So before you pick a product know your problem and know your skin type. There are 3 skin types; oily skin, combination skin and dry skin. I have combination skin and boy oh boy finding the right product is a pain. I like to call it confused skin because the cheeks get really dry and the t-zone gets pretty oily so when I get a product it either solves the oiliness on my t-zone and dries my cheeks like the Sahara or it nourishes my dry cheeks well and leaves my t-zone oily with a nasty break out, sigh! However, now that I figured the products that manage my skin a bit I can safely say I found my skin haven. Now I’m just trying to get rid of the scars. I will probably try African black soap but I’ll write a piece on that a bit later. Once you know your skin type and have the right products you should stick to a solid regimen; cleanse, tone and moisturize. You have to adhere to your regimen and wash your face twice a day. Cleansing removes all the dirt and excess oils on the skin. Make sure to use a gentle cleanser as a harsh one can strip your face too much and leave it dried out. I have noticed ever since I started toning that my break outs are few and if they do occur they remain under control. You also have to make sure you moisturize. Same as hair our skin needs moisture. Especially now that we’re in the winter season. Dry skin is dull and unattractive so we have to keep our skin glowing and feeling soft and supple. For glowing skin you have to make sure you exfoliate at least once a week to remove dead skin cells. You can buy a good facial scrub but I personally use baking soda mixed with lemon juice.  It makes my face feel so smooth and the vitamin C in the lemon lightens my scars and clears blemishes. I try use it once every 2 weeks because  I have heard warnings of baking soda being harsh on the skin. Make sure you also use a facial mask regularly it nourishes your skin so well leaving it healthy especially after exfoliating. I wil share some diy face masks some other time. After all is done on the outside we also have to take care of our skin from the inside by eating healthy food, fruits, veggies and drinking lots and lots of water because the water will moisturize our skin from the inside. Taking multivitamins also helps our skin. Those who smoke should also try and quit as it affects the condition of your skin leaving it dry and dull. Let’s care for our skin because it’s our most important outfit! One final and very important tip NEVER EVER EVER, sleep with make up on no matter how tired you are try by all means to wash it off, tone and moisturize before going to bed otherwise your skin will always be prone to breakouts. Trust me I am speaking from experience🙂


    Cannabis infused organic oil for hair growth!!!!


    So we have heard about the wonders of cannabis for hair growth especially in the dreadlock community. Not really a shocker as we have seen a lot of hair products on the shelves with hemp (a variation of cannabis) seed oil or bits of the leaves.

    In Zimbabwe there is a new hairfood on the streets called ganjalizer which is basically petroleum jelly infused with marijuana. You can get it from salons and street vendors. A bottle ranges from $1 to $1,50.  People have been praising it for its effectiveness and whilst I would want to try it out the fact that it has petroleum jelly puts me off because its heavy. I don’t want my twa being weighed down and I most certainly don’t want grease build up on my scalp. So anyhow this downside of the oil led me to a eureka moment. Cancer patients make cannabis infused oils to cook with so I looked up some of the recipes and I am considering giving it a try to make my own cannabis infused hair oil. I want to see for myself why people praise cannabis so much. You can use coconut oil or olive oil. I read on some blog that coconut oil is the best but I think I will take my chances with the olive oil.

    For this experiment you’ll need:


    Your oil of choice (coconut oil or olive oil)

    A cheese cloth/strainer

    A pan

    A bowl

    An empty applicator bottle




    NB: I am not sure about the mixing ratio so you can just improvise. For me I feel the more cannabis the better so I will probably add as much as I can.

    Heat the pan and put your cannabis for about 30minutes so as to decarboxylate it. This will enable you to get the full effects of the cannabis. Others put it in the oven and bake but I think the pan is much faster.  If you do decide to bake heat the oven up to 220°c and keep it in for 30minutes as well.


    Take it out of the pan and grind it into a powder. Meanwhile put your oil in a pan, warm it on medium heat then add your ground cannabis. Make sure the oil doesnt boil as it will make the cannabis ineffective. If it overheats take it off the stove till it cools and put it back on. You can leave it on the stove for an hour or 2.


    When you’re done let the oil cool. Take your cheese cloth and cover the bowl. Pour the oil into the cheese cloth and squeeze the oil into the bowl. Make sure you squeeze out all the oil. Put it into your empty applicator bottle and store it in a cool dark place. You can use it on your scalp or add it into your daily spritz mix.


    I will try it out and come back with a review. If you however happen to try it before me please give me feedback on how its working for your hair. Hope you found this helpful😘





    Triumph over what?

    via Daily Prompt: Triumph


    Today as you sit in that corner office or at home on that couch with your coffee in hand, do you feel victorious? Do you have that overwhelming triumphant feeling that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world? A certain high, an elation that gives you the utmost satisfaction?


    You see the true triumph does not come from a job promotion, a recently attained degree, a new car, an engagement or new found love. The true triumph comes from within because even after achieving so much you can still feel like you’re a part of the losing team.

    I am not a pessimist, I am a realist. I will not build castles or seek a silver lining where there is none because if thats what you seek from this post then this post is not speaking to your heart. I am talking to that person who believes there is something beyond the over-valued piece of paper that’s been claimed to open doors for you the moment its conferred to you and stamped to your list of so-called achievements. I recently attained my first degree, believe me I am over the moon. I am happy because I got it against all odds. However, if I correlate that achievement to triumph I will be selling you dreams.


    Triumph is overcoming your fears by not associating society’s expectations and your success, your triumph. True victory, true triumph comes when you know that even if all those things society tagged as success are stripped from you and you’re left bare you’ll still be happy with yourself and with your life as a simple being.


    You’ll still be happy even if you are not a part of the cooperate tycoons because you’d rather fully express yourself the way you want to not the way you’re expected to. The day you realise you don’t have to fit in, or strangle your neck with a tie each day for you to be rendered successful is the day you’ll have become triumphant. Saying all this doesnt mean I am there. Hell no! I am far from it. I do hope that some day I will triumph, I will overcome and I will be satisfied regardless of where I stand.


    Best remedy for dry skin in winter😊

    I was always a fan of creams in winter before I knew about the benefits of natural oils ofcourse. I never thought extra virgin olive oil would be good for my skin and not just to sauté my veggies😂.


    My all time favourite cream was vaseline even tone cream oh my it kept my skin feeling so moisturised never thought there was something better. Thanks to Facebook I joined a beauty group and there I was told of a miracle mixture. It was during my june holidays, I was back in Zim and when I saw the number of people that used this oil mixture and the amazing testimonials I decided to give it a try too.  I am all for research and I looked it up and it seemed it was actually a craze in South Africa. A lot of bloggers talked about it and seems like I was the only one in the dark. But thankfully I stumbled upon this formula and decided to give it a try.

    Okay lets get to it, I am dead sure you’re losing patience now and want me to share the secret ingredients so here we go. The mixture comprised of;

    ●100ml Coconut oil(Extra Virgin)

    ●100ml Bramley’s Tissue Oil (Most recommend their Magnolia range but trust me it’s all the same so you can try the Lavender or the Cocoa butter both of which I tried and loved)

    ●75ml Castor Oil (I recommend 100ml because castor oil works wonders for stubborn stretchmarks and the more you add the better)

    ●50ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    ●50ml Glycerine

    The coconut oil and olive oil are very good skin moisturisers. I gurantee you healthy and glowing skin. Tissue oil repairs damaged skin gets rid of scar, stretch marks and dark spots. The castor oil is also good for stretch marks so I love the combination woth the tissue because the mixture is like a double measure to make sure you get results. Glycerine is a known humecant so it draws in moisture and retains it. The fact that this mixture is made up of oils makes it better because the oil acts as a barrier on your skin against the harsh winter weather.


    The oil is so good for my skin that I even use it in summer but if you dont want to be like Riri and “shine bright like a diamond” then I suggest in summer you don’t use it during the day and apply it after your evening bath or shower. Lately I have been using it as a combination with the ingrams tissue oil cream. I haven’t really seen much of a difference from when I just used the oil by itself besides more moisture but I’ll keep on for now and see how it goes. You can get the oils in dischem and clicks. The tissue oil is available in all PEP stores( South Africa) and Powersales( in zimbabwe). If you are also like me and love to try out new things then you can mix the oils with the ingrams tissue oil cream maybe skin will love the combo. Below is a picture of my knees 6 months after I started using the oils.


    Yes, it took 6months for me to notice the change. You have to be very very patient like with any other product. Over nightfixes do not exist or if they do, they are way good to be true😉.

    I am considering adding more to this mix maybe shea butter or baobab oil but that’s a story for another day. If you have any good oils to recommend feel free to do so in the comments. If you have had any good or bad experiences with the oils also feel free to comment and share how they were for you. I want to keep this as interactive as possible because I am still learning as well so would be nice pick your brains too😊



    IMG_20170611_154014_303.jpgI am a new natural hair blogger and I have been trying to get the hang of things from the time I got inspired to start my natural hair journey. After a huge transitioning fail between october and december which led to me deciding to just big chop, I learnt a few things about hair. Just like our skin requires moisture, our ethnic hair also requires lots and lots of moisture.  Whilst I was transitioning I made a mistake, I thought oiling my hair was enough to keep my hair strong so I used coconut oil, olive oil,castor oil, amla oil, and the list goes on and on. What I didn’t know is that oil is a sealant and if your hair is dried up and lacks moisture you’ll basically be sealing in dryness. This led to breakage and my hair was impossible to handle.


    I learnt my lesson the hard way and I went through countless emotions during that time. I even regretted leaving the creamy crack. Oh well, I worked through it and now I am happy that I did my BC. I joined a lot of natural hair groups on facebook and I also follow natural hair bloggers on instagram. Knowing that there are people out there I can share with gave me so much confidence. So I recommend you to look some up if you’re beginning your journey like me or you want to be a part of a wider natural hair community😊.


    After having african threading for a week to stretch my hair I finally got afrokink extension twists done on my hair at my 5months hair journey mark. I plan to keep my hair in tip top shape and not to neglect it as I plan to keep the extensions in for the next two months. So here are some of the tips I would like to share with you. This is basically what I am going to do for my hair till August.


    1. Daily spritzing hair to keep it moisturised:

    I have been using a mixture of water,glycerine and olive oil for my hair and I am going to continue using it for my styled hair as well. You can also use aloe vera in place of glycerine as it is also an amazing humectant. It retains moisture well. I am definitely going to switch my glycerine for aloe if I am somehow blessed with a plant of my own😂

    2.Don’t forget your oil:

    Oils(castor oil, avocado oil, olive oil,coconut oil etc) are really good for hair growth and health. I cant really decide on an oil and it can prove to be quite expensive to get all these good oils and essential oils separately so I settled for caivil hair grow essence oil. It has all the good oils castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil, peppermint oil, avocado oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil, neem oil, tea tree oil and wheat germ oil. Boy, its a long list!!!!!!!!!! But its a good all in one to maintain strong and healthy hair. Plus rosemary oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil and castor oil are heaven for your edges. Our number one priority is to protect our edges at all costs especially when you have extensions for so long like what I am planning to do.


    NB: I am also trying to avoid heavy creams as they may build up on my scalp and can cause knotting at the root when I take out the extensions.


    So these are basically my 2 steps to take care of hair under protective styling. You can comment below if you have any additions or if you want me to clarify something because I am also learning and its great to learn from each other. I will keep posting through out the two months. I will update you and I can’t wait till August to see how much my hair will have grown😚




    IMG_20170606_150945_511I recently started my natural hair journey. Did my big chop on the 9th of January and when my hair was still very short I’d switch between products just to maintain and keep the shine. Hell I am guilty of using a shampoo full of sulfates because I honestly felt like my hair was too short to damage anyway😂😂😂😂😂😂 (Don’t judge me).

    So fast forward till now. I had to get a weave for my graduation and well I literally had dry untreated and neglected hair under the weave. I felt like I needed something to treat it soon after I took out the weave as I feared damage. My hair had been a victim of hair dye and bleache prior the weave so I knew it needed some TLC.


    So I took out the sew-in weave last night and I shampooed my hair with love 💖. We will talk about the sulfate free shampoo I use in another post. I towel dried my hair(Oops) well I couldn’t find an old tshirt near by and my hair is still  a bit too short to get tangled up with towel fibre but anyway!!!!!! I am still getting the hang of this natural hair thing so forgive me if I break some of the rules here and there.


    Anyhow, I deep conditioned my hair using the product thats the topic of this post, Africa’s Best Hair Mayonnaise. I applied it to towel dried hair, covered my hair with a plastic bag, 2stockings and a woolen hat to retain heat for about an hour which is more than the 10minutes they tell us to keep it in for but yeah again I really suck at following rules.

    I rinsed it off using warm water and to be honest I loved the feel of my hair. It felt soft, well moisturised and I could easily comb through. I couldnt believe that a product I got at such a reasonable price at clicks could leave my hair so manageable. I have 4C very kink and course hair so anyone who has the same hair type knows and understands the horror I go through with that hair.


    When I applied my oil and cream to seal in the moisture my hair was behaving so much that my mom didnt struggle when she was doing the african threading to keep it stretched till i get my PS for winter this weekend.


    I have read some of the reviews of this product by others and most condemn it because of the mineral oil and the strong herbal scent but for those that dont mind either just like me please try it. Your hair might love it.I havent tried it as a leave-in because of the scent but you can try that too and maybe give me feedback on how its been working out for you.