Best remedy for dry skin in winter😊

I was always a fan of creams in winter before I knew about the benefits of natural oils ofcourse. I never thought extra virgin olive oil would be good for my skin and not just to sauté my veggies😂.


My all time favourite cream was vaseline even tone cream oh my it kept my skin feeling so moisturised never thought there was something better. Thanks to Facebook I joined a beauty group and there I was told of a miracle mixture. It was during my june holidays, I was back in Zim and when I saw the number of people that used this oil mixture and the amazing testimonials I decided to give it a try too.  I am all for research and I looked it up and it seemed it was actually a craze in South Africa. A lot of bloggers talked about it and seems like I was the only one in the dark. But thankfully I stumbled upon this formula and decided to give it a try.

Okay lets get to it, I am dead sure you’re losing patience now and want me to share the secret ingredients so here we go. The mixture comprised of;

●100ml Coconut oil(Extra Virgin)

●100ml Bramley’s Tissue Oil (Most recommend their Magnolia range but trust me it’s all the same so you can try the Lavender or the Cocoa butter both of which I tried and loved)

●75ml Castor Oil (I recommend 100ml because castor oil works wonders for stubborn stretchmarks and the more you add the better)

●50ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

●50ml Glycerine

The coconut oil and olive oil are very good skin moisturisers. I gurantee you healthy and glowing skin. Tissue oil repairs damaged skin gets rid of scar, stretch marks and dark spots. The castor oil is also good for stretch marks so I love the combination woth the tissue because the mixture is like a double measure to make sure you get results. Glycerine is a known humecant so it draws in moisture and retains it. The fact that this mixture is made up of oils makes it better because the oil acts as a barrier on your skin against the harsh winter weather.


The oil is so good for my skin that I even use it in summer but if you dont want to be like Riri and “shine bright like a diamond” then I suggest in summer you don’t use it during the day and apply it after your evening bath or shower. Lately I have been using it as a combination with the ingrams tissue oil cream. I haven’t really seen much of a difference from when I just used the oil by itself besides more moisture but I’ll keep on for now and see how it goes. You can get the oils in dischem and clicks. The tissue oil is available in all PEP stores( South Africa) and Powersales( in zimbabwe). If you are also like me and love to try out new things then you can mix the oils with the ingrams tissue oil cream maybe skin will love the combo. Below is a picture of my knees 6 months after I started using the oils.


Yes, it took 6months for me to notice the change. You have to be very very patient like with any other product. Over nightfixes do not exist or if they do, they are way good to be true😉.

I am considering adding more to this mix maybe shea butter or baobab oil but that’s a story for another day. If you have any good oils to recommend feel free to do so in the comments. If you have had any good or bad experiences with the oils also feel free to comment and share how they were for you. I want to keep this as interactive as possible because I am still learning as well so would be nice pick your brains too😊


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