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Birthday Vibes!

It’s my 23rd birthday today. Hurray!!!! I am so happy and thankful to God for taking me this far. 22 was an eye opener for me as I got rid of my fears and decided to go for my dreams. I started blogging again, I got my natural hair page going and I am quite proud of what I have achieved thus far.

Now on Day 1 of year 23 I am going to keep moving. I am motivated to reach greater dimensions. I just can’t wait and I have so much planned for this blog and my audience. My goal is to continue doing what I love. I am growing in age but I also want to grow in knowledge. Knowledge that I love to share with you guys because you never know who it might help.

Thank you so much for being a part of my dream, for following my blog, reading my posts and acknowledging my efforts. I love you all.

Stay beautifulđź’ś


African Threading

African threading is locally known as mabhanzi here in Zimbabwe. It was a convenient and affordable hairstyle for many black women back in the day. All you need is thread.

Mabhanzi have come back with a bang in the natural hair community. They are done either as a protective hairstyle or to stretch hair. I normally just use them as a stretch method with just 3 or 4 plain lines. When I do get them as a protective style I keep them under a wig each time I leave the house. I prefer them as a protective style inbetween washes because they give me easy access to my scalp and hair when I want to oil or moisturise.

On Saturday, my mom was in the mood to experiment so we decided to make them a bit more stylish since I was going to keep them in for about 3 days to prevent shrinkage till I got my box braids done.

I am inlove with this hairstyle. I love it so much that yesterday I even went to church without a wig and I wish I could keep it longer but oh well!

Are you also a fan of African threading?


Hello Aloe:)

The Aloe Vera plant has been a hit in the natural hair community. The juice and the gel. From DIY deep conditioners and prepoos to moisturizers and hair growth concoctions aloe has been added as an ingredient. It’s a good natural humectant that helps your hair retain moisture and it has many other benefits that I will list below:

•heals and repairs damaged cells in your scalp

•conditions hair

•contains proteolytic enzymes that promote hair growth

•it has anti-pruritic properties that relieve itchiness and scalp irritation

•reduces dandruff

•it’s a natural humectant

•helps restore the PH balance of your hair

Aloe as a pre-poo

You can use it as a pre-poo by applying the gel to your hair and scalp before your wash. Cover your head with a plastic cap and leave it in for an hour. Rinse it out then go on to shampoo or cowash as usual.

Aloe as a conditioner

You can also use it as a deep conditioner. Mix the gel with your favourite conditioner. Apply it to your hair and cover with a plastic cap. Leave it in for an hour and rinse it out. You can also just use the plain aloe gel without mixing it with your conditioner.

Aloe as a leave-in conditioner

For a leave-in conditioner mix aloe gel, water and a few drops of an essential oil.

Aloe hair growth serum

Mix 2 tablespoons of aloe gel with 3 tablespoons castor oil and 3 tablespoons vitamin E oil. Apply it to your damp hair and scalp and rinse out after 20minutes. You can switch it up to your desired proportions and also depending on the volume of your hair.

How to extract the Aloe Vera gel

•Cut the leaf into sections about 4cm long. This makes it a little more manageable.

•Cut off the serrated edge. Try to get just the edge because it is difficult to get the gel out of those pieces.

•Turn your blade to its side and slide it in just under the skin on the end of one of the strips.

•Carefully slide the knife along the bottom edge of the skin down the whole length of the leaf. Try to stay close to the skin so you get as much gel as you can.

•Scoop out as much gel as you can and put it in a container.

•Blend until smooth. It will almost immediately froth when you start your blender. This is normal.

The froth will eventually go down. You can wait or you can just go ahead and strain the gel into a clean storage container to remove any bits from the skin

•if you’re not using it immediately then refrigerate it. It will keep in the refrigerator for about a week.

Happy hair growing!