African Threading

African threading is locally known as mabhanzi here in Zimbabwe. It was a convenient and affordable hairstyle for many black women back in the day. All you need is thread.

Mabhanzi have come back with a bang in the natural hair community. They are done either as a protective hairstyle or to stretch hair. I normally just use them as a stretch method with just 3 or 4 plain lines. When I do get them as a protective style I keep them under a wig each time I leave the house. I prefer them as a protective style inbetween washes because they give me easy access to my scalp and hair when I want to oil or moisturise.

On Saturday, my mom was in the mood to experiment so we decided to make them a bit more stylish since I was going to keep them in for about 3 days to prevent shrinkage till I got my box braids done.

I am inlove with this hairstyle. I love it so much that yesterday I even went to church without a wig and I wish I could keep it longer but oh well!

Are you also a fan of African threading?


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