Loving Your Edges!

In the world we live in its very difficult to maintain your edges. With the constant manipulation of hair, the tugging and pulling of the hairline, taming the edges etc it’s really difficult for one to keep healthy edges. Most women have thinning edges or none at all, sigh! All thanks to braids, weaves and wigs.

I have always been careful about my edges even during my creamy crack days. That didn’t stop me from abusing them though, I would let my stylists pull on them all for the sake of neatness. Thank God, I never suffered permanent damage but from the questions I get on my social media sights, I have realised that most people have hairline problems. Most women are desperate for a way to revive their edges. I am going to list down and explain some Dos and Don’ts to help you save your hairline.

1. Avoid tugging and pulling your hairline.

I know, especially with my Zimbabwean sisters we believe that the stylist should pick every single hair on your head so that the style can come out neater and for it to last longer. NO NO NO, let’s stop it. If you pull the edges too tight you cause traction which leads to the hair on your edges to be pulled out from the roots. Make sure your stylist is gentle when handling the hairline. I feel it’s better to leave the edges out than to style them too tight.

2. Keep the baby hairs moisturized…

We all know our hair needs moisture and that’s why we do the LOC method and all the other variations to seal in that moisture. Just because they are baby hairs doesn’t mean they don’t need the extra loving. I take my edges as the most fragile section of my hair so I make sure I spritz them with water and apply a bit of my Caivil Fusion Oil (A blend of oils) daily to keep them strong and healthy, especially when I have a protective style. You can also apply plain castor oil or castor oil with a few drops of peppermint and rosemary oil. It works like a charm!

3. Don’t lay them edges too much!

I know we all want to keep them edges neat and “laid for the gods” but sometimes it’s good to just let them be. The natural untamed look also looks great so it’s not a must to always tame your edges. Edge control can dry out your edges causing breakage because of the hold. I prefer to lay them once in a while and when I do, I make sure I moisturise them first so they are not too dry. Please avoid using edge control or gel on dry edges it causes breakage.

4. Don’t wear wigs, satin bonnets and head wraps too tight on the hairline

When I tie my headwrap I avoid tying too tightly and I try lower it down a bit to my forehead same thing goes for your satin bonnets. Lower them a bit. Wigs are also included here please make sure you don’t adjust them too tightly and make sure you moisturise too!

5. Be gentle!

Be gentle on your hairline, don’t brush or comb roughly. I prefer using my fingers to smooth my hairline but when I do use a brush I use one with soft bristles and I try to be as gentle as possible.

Above are the Dos and Don’ts of edge maintenance and now I would like to share a few remedies to revive your hair line!

1. Onion Juice

Take one onion and chop it into tiny pieces, blend it then pour the mixture in a cheese cloth and squeeze out the juice. You can use the plain juice or mix it with some castor oil and rosemary or peppermint oil (optional). Apply it to your hairline or the entire scalp if you please. Cover your hair with a plastic cap and rinse out after an hour. The onion juice promotes hair growth and stimulates blood flow to your scalp.

2. Castor Oil

You can also apply castor oil to your hairline daily. Castor oil promotes growth, thickens and strengthens hair. You can also add a few drops of rosemary oil and peppermint oil as they also promote hair growth and stimulate your scalp but this is optional.

3. Caivil Fusion Oil

You can apply this to you hairline daily. It has an array of great oils that condition hair, promote growth, strengthen and thicken it. Read more about it here.

I hope you found this helpful. If you do try any of these tips and remedies please don’t be shy to give us feedback and if you have more to add about edge maintenance feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section. Happy hair growingđź’ś


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