Bentonite clay mask

Okay, so initially I got the clay for my hair wash days but then I realized it’s also a facial mask. I just had to give it a try. December has been quite a strain for my skin because I have make up on half the time ( a girl’s gotta look good right) and I am that girl who sleeps with make up on after a very long day. Give me a break! I use the clay as a mask and cleanser twice a week.

It’s really helped to keep the break outs at bay. My skin is smoother and I haven’t had problems with blackheads and whiteheads lately. Especially at the moment because I usually break out during my period and my skin is behaving right now.

I mix 1 tablespoon of the clay with about 2-3 tablespoons of lukewarm water into a smooth paste. I apply to my face leaving out the eye area and lips. I leave it on for 15-20minutes before rinsing it off.


Here are some of the benefits of bentonite clay for your skin:

  • unclogs and tightens pores
  • helps control over production of sebum
  • makes skin soft
  • makes skin glow
  • draws out toxins from the skin
  • exfoliates
  • helps reduce the appearance of scars
  • gives an even skin tone
  • helps with the regeneration of healthy skin cells
  • prevents and eases out blackheads
  • soothes itchy and inflamed skin
  • treats acne

It’s quite a good mask and very affordable. I got mine for 36rand at Dischem. I love it because it’s good for all skin types, it’s natural and has no artificial chemicals that could be toxic for your skin. Give it a try!


Care tips for summer

Hurray! Summer is fast approaching here in Zimbabwe. I am super excited. Summer time is glow time and we have to make sure that whilst we dress up, our bodies are kept clean and our skin is protected from the harsh African sun. I decided to give out a few important tips that are a must to remember!

1. Keep your armpits clean shaven

Yes, yes and yes! Get rid of your armpit hair please. There is nothing that puts anyone off more than sweaty, hairy armpits. Sweat clings on to the hairs and the odour is trapped so nomatter how much you scrub you'll still get stinky armpits from all that sweating in the scorching heat. You can wax, use hair remover or a shaving stick. To avoid razor bumps I suggest you use a home made lemon and sugar wax, it also prevents darkening of the armpits (double yeay!). I got the recipe here.

2. Get rid of sweat

After getting rid of armpit hair, make use of a good anti-perspirant to keep your armpits dry and to avoid sweat stains on your clothes. Not sexy! My favorite is the Garnier Mineral Antiperspirant Roll-on (Even), it also gets rid of dark underarms. It's available in our local OK supermarket for about $2.50 I think. Another cheap remedy for sweat is baking soda paste.

Baking soda paste:
Mix water and baking soda into a consistent paste. You can add an essential oil of your choice (optional). Apply the paste for 25minutes before washing it off.

You can also use talcum powder for other areas that get sweaty like the inner thighs, below the boobs, in between the butt cheeks, in between the toes or anywhere else you find sweat problematic. I prefer Johnson's baby powder (sue me, haha) it's lightly fragranced and doesn't leave my skin feeling too dried out.

3. Make use of sunscreen

To be honest I hate sunscreen. I hate it. It's laborious and some brands feel sticky gosh! But, it's really helped me to avoid getting a really bad tan. I had very light bra strap marks and really dark sun burnt patches on my back which was quite embarrassing because it was very noticeable. I now make sure I never leave the house without sunscreen because it took a lot of work for me to get an even skin tone again. I also try to avoid hanging in the sun longer than necessary. Yes of course my DIY people, you can also make your own organic sunscreen 😉

DIY Sunscreen:
Mix 60ml coconut oil/avocado oil with 20 drops carrot seed oil and 10 drops lavender oil. This sunscreen has an SPF of about 40.

Coconut oil>SPF2-8
Avocado oil>SPF4-15
Carrot seed oil>SPF38-40

4. Hydration

I can not stress enough the importance of keeping yourself well hydrated in summer. It's not just for health reasons but also for beautiful skin and hair. I mean it. Our bodies lose so much water 💦 in summer especially if you're an active person and we have to ensure our bodies are well replenished. Drinking water is definitely not easy for most people including me so I try by all means to tweak it up a bit. I add a slice of lemon to it, you can also add strawberries, mint leaves, ginger or cucumber depending on your preference. Try drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day.

I hope I gave you some very useful tips for summer. If you have any you'd like to add on please feel free to share with me in the comments. I can't wait to get sunkissed!

Beauty, Hair


We all want great hair and glowing skin. We buy numerous products, some a bit more expensive than others just so we can get longer hair or the clearest skin. God knows how extra I am always willing to go! When it comes to skin and hair I believe in a holistic approach. You can’t just buy the most expensive facial serum  or the most expensive hair oil and expect 100% results. I am sure some products do bring amazing results but whilst spending on all those products you should also make sure you’re feeding your hair and skin from the inside too. I have listed below things you can include in your diet for healthy hair and skin.

Avocados are rich in vitamin E, which increases blood circulation to your scalp and hair follicles thus promoting hair growth. They are rich in fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins that improve your skin from the inside by moisturizing it and protecting it from free radicals.

They are rich in biotin. Biotin is required for the production of cells and its also involved in the production of amino acids necessary for hair growth and healthy skin.
*PS:Biotion is also good for growing healthy and strong nails!!!!!!

Omega-3 fatty acids nourish and thicken your hair. They also reduce inflammatory skin conditions like acne. Nuts like almonds and walnuts contain these fatty acids.

The vitamin A in carrots protects your skin against the sun’s rays and helps to repair skin tissue. Cell regeneration on the scalp also increases hair growth and vitamin A  helps produce natural sebum on the scalp, keeping the roots and scalp nourished.

Protein is the building block of hair and eggs are rich in protein. It is essential that you have enough protein in your diet. They also contain antioxidants that protect the skin from UV damage.

I cannot stress enough the importance of drinking water. H2O IS A MUST!!!!!!!! It is vital that you keep yourself hydrated. Drinking water flushes out toxins from your body. It helps combat skin disorders leaving your skin smooth and glowing. Water also keeps your hair moisturised from within and helps it grow. So if you don’t want dry and brittle hair I suggest you drink a glass soon after you’re done reading this😜
To ensure you get enough nutrients you can also take supplements like the regenesis collagen matrix for a healthy skin tone and strong hair. However, I personally prefer simply maintaining a healthy, nutrition filled diet as it is less costly. What are you feeding your hair and skin?



Lately I have been posting a lot about hair. Sorry about that! It’s just that it’s been a new and wonderful journey so I tend to get a bit overexcited. It’s 12:08 am here in Zimbabwe and I can’t sleep so I decided to share my words of wisdom. Writing is better than counting sheep till I sleep😂.  I love my skin! I have to keep it fabulous because it represents me. I am not the type of girl that freaks at the sight of a pimple but I do worry and weep in silence. My mom always tells me that I’m too self conscious but really there is nothing wrong with that. I think it’s good to be particular and to always want to look just right. I am young I should care about my looks to be normal lol. So here are a few of my beauty tricks and tips. First of all skin is different!!!!! Know that and let it sink in. Just because it solved Jeani’s acne problem, doesn’t mean it will automatically do the same for you. Beauty products are not a one-size-fits-all. If they tell you that, they will be selling you non-existing dreams,okay. So before you pick a product know your problem and know your skin type. There are 3 skin types; oily skin, combination skin and dry skin. I have combination skin and boy oh boy finding the right product is a pain. I like to call it confused skin because the cheeks get really dry and the t-zone gets pretty oily so when I get a product it either solves the oiliness on my t-zone and dries my cheeks like the Sahara or it nourishes my dry cheeks well and leaves my t-zone oily with a nasty break out, sigh! However, now that I figured the products that manage my skin a bit I can safely say I found my skin haven. Now I’m just trying to get rid of the scars. I will probably try African black soap but I’ll write a piece on that a bit later. Once you know your skin type and have the right products you should stick to a solid regimen; cleanse, tone and moisturize. You have to adhere to your regimen and wash your face twice a day. Cleansing removes all the dirt and excess oils on the skin. Make sure to use a gentle cleanser as a harsh one can strip your face too much and leave it dried out. I have noticed ever since I started toning that my break outs are few and if they do occur they remain under control. You also have to make sure you moisturize. Same as hair our skin needs moisture. Especially now that we’re in the winter season. Dry skin is dull and unattractive so we have to keep our skin glowing and feeling soft and supple. For glowing skin you have to make sure you exfoliate at least once a week to remove dead skin cells. You can buy a good facial scrub but I personally use baking soda mixed with lemon juice.  It makes my face feel so smooth and the vitamin C in the lemon lightens my scars and clears blemishes. I try use it once every 2 weeks because  I have heard warnings of baking soda being harsh on the skin. Make sure you also use a facial mask regularly it nourishes your skin so well leaving it healthy especially after exfoliating. I wil share some diy face masks some other time. After all is done on the outside we also have to take care of our skin from the inside by eating healthy food, fruits, veggies and drinking lots and lots of water because the water will moisturize our skin from the inside. Taking multivitamins also helps our skin. Those who smoke should also try and quit as it affects the condition of your skin leaving it dry and dull. Let’s care for our skin because it’s our most important outfit! One final and very important tip NEVER EVER EVER, sleep with make up on no matter how tired you are try by all means to wash it off, tone and moisturize before going to bed otherwise your skin will always be prone to breakouts. Trust me I am speaking from experience🙂